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Welcome to Olympus UO

Olympus UO is a RunUO 2.0 Server with Friendly Staff and many things to do, based off the Greek Mythology Olympus is an all in one, PvP/PvM/RP come Join Olympus UO today and Join the fun .

How to join Olympus UO

To Play Olympus UO you will need to download the Ultima Online Client patched to and Razor or UOSteam.
The Ultima Online Client is not easy to find so thanks to the help of the owner and good friend of UOJunkies we are able to provide you with the client needed and Razor here on our website.

Stat and Skills Caps

Olympus players can take their Stats to 200 in each Raw with a Stat Cap of 600 but able to go higher with items with a bonus in stats.
Skills on Olympus are Capped to 140 in all skills but can raise over 140 as much as items will allow you.

New Olympus Players
Olympus players will Start in a Small Room with the Skill Gate that will sets all stats to 100 and all skills to 60 and you will then be moved into the Race Selection Room.

Race Selection Room
The Olympus Staff Team Decided to throw in some different races just to add to the game even more, they don't give you any bonuses just lets u shift into your race but it does look cool, the Races are listed below.

                                                                                                  Blood Lord

                                                                                                  Cretan Bull




                                                                                                  Water Nymph

The World Of Olympus
Olympus is filled with thing's for your enjoyment, from crafting to killing we have it all with all facet open but with fel rules have fun but keep a look out, never know who or what is going to find you.

Olympus Systems

Afk System
Alien's Core System

Auction System
Bank System

Change Character Command System
Corpse Retrieval System

Custom Regions in a Box
Emote System

Event System
FS Animal Taming System Gen 2

Hue Room System
Chat System

Advanced Archery System
MOTD System

Race System
Stargate System

Town House System
and many more!

Download our Files and join us today!
Lord Zeus
Contact Us
Email Addresses to contact any staff u are trying to reach
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Loki The Advisor
Connecting to Olympus UO
files needed to play Olympus
19th Oct 2018 by Loki The Advisor in Olympus UO IP a...
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Lord Hades
Olympus UO Rules & Information
Forums for Olympus rules and player commands, evo levels and more
7th Feb 2018 by Lord Hades in Events
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Lord Zeus
General Discussion
Talk about anything here!
3rd Feb 2018 by Lord Zeus in Map Problems
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Lord Zeus
News & Announcements
Important topics will be posted here
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